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My Boss is a Bully!

Dear Tamara: My boss is a bully! She uses her power and position to bully everyone in the office, but she seems to get a special kick out of picking on me. She constantly talks down to me and makes snide comments about my clothes and appearance. During our last staff meeting she used me […]

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Would You Hire a Felon?

Dear Tamara: I have a class 5 felony conviction on my record for cashing a fraudulent check. Yes, I know it was stupid, but it was 10 years ago. I was fresh out of college, broke, and did not have many resources. I had a small child to take care of and could not find […]

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Should I Ask My Boss For a Raise?

Dear Tamara: I have not received a raise or cost of living increase in three years. This year we were told that because of the economy annual increases are again, “not in the budget.” During this time the cost of living has greatly increased. My rent has gone up and my son’s daycare went from […]

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Lying for my Boss!

Dear Tamara: I do not feel comfortable lying for my boss. My boss constantly asks me to cover for him in the office. If someone calls (including his wife or the CEO of the company) that he does not want to talk to, he tells me make us and excuse or tell them that he […]

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Too Sexy for the Workplace!

Dear Tamara: My boss dresses way too sexy for work. Even our male coworkers think her dress is excessive. On any given day she shows up to work with her cleavage hanging out, wearing short skirts and even tighter dresses that leave nothing to the imagination. Even her shoes are inappropriate for work. Don’t get […]

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My Boss Stole My Idea!

Dear Tamara: My boss keeps taking credit for all of my ideas and passing them off as her own! She gets all of the accolades and pats on the back, and never acknowledges me or other members of the team. How can I confront her about this without jeopardizing my job or ending up on […]

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