About Tamara

I am a wife, mother of five, daughter, sister, friend, speaker, author, coach, and entrepreneur!

I’ve always been the go-to person for family, friends, employees and co-workers seeking help and advice when dealing with difficult situations and having to make tough decisions. I’ve never been one to shy away from sharing my own issues and stories and I often use my personal life experiences and lessons learned to give others a different perspective and help them make critical decisions in their life, relationships and careers.

In my forty-something years, I have experienced and overcome many situations, challenges, obstacles and setbacks. From being a teenage mother and still attending Howard University; to being a single parent raising two children; being married, separated, and divorced; balancing a corporate career and raising four children; stepping out and starting my own business; getting remarried and becoming a stepmother! So as you can see, I have experienced quite a bit, but I have learned even more. I bring all of this to my advice column. REAL Advice from REAL Experience!

In addition to life experience, I  have over 15 years’ professional experience managing, coaching and developing individuals. I have a bachelor’s degree in business administration, a dual-disciplined master’s degree in marketing and communication, and I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in industrial/organizational psychology with a concentration in coaching psychology and personal development.


I am the author of REAL Advice from REAL Experience, a collection of my best advice, tips, and strategies for your life, relationships, and career. It is a compilation of some of my advice archives, categorized for easy use. 

I am also the publisher of the new book series Been There Done That Wrote a Book About It, a real-life issues series helping people deal with, overcome, and move beyond difficult life situations.