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Show Requests:
Your Advice Guru is available to answer questions live on your television or radio show. Please send requests and show information via email to info@YourAdviceGuru.com

For Column Syndication, please send request and information about your website, newspaper, or magazine via email to info@YourAdviceGuru.com

For Speaking Engagements, Workshops and Panel Participation, please send date and event information via email to info@TamaraHartley.com


Other Tamara Hartley Websites:
www.YourHowToCoach.com (Coaching Website)
www.TamaraHartley.com (Official Tamara Hartley Website)


Stay Connected with Tamara via Social Media:
Follow Tamara on Twitter @YourHowToCoach #AskTamara
“Like” Tamara on Facebook www.facebook.com/DrTamaraHartley


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